05/13 2017

Rattlesnake Renegades, chapter 1 first page art

Hi there!

Here we have the first page of Rattlesnake Renegades Chapter 1 ( The Pact )

Let’s have a close look at this composition: it is really simple and compact. As this was supposed to be the first page of the comic I just wanted to present our main character (Butch) and also show a general look of the places where the story has to take place.
Rattlesnake Renegades came in later, so the first chapter was only an attempt to get deep in a funny story for practice purposes, the whole idea of a comic book came after once I saw some possibilities to move on with it.

If we take a minute to analyze this scene we see Butch in a dramatic composition. I took the idea from the book “Framed Ink” by Marcos Mateu Mestre (one of the best artists I have ever seen, by the way!), in pages 34-35 is where he explains some good ideas about this kind of compositions. As all this was about learning, I wanted to share it with you.

A part of Butch, we can see the waiter in the foreground, not to much detail, the man is not going to appear too much and has no relevance in the rest of the story.

Other important details are the Rock bands posters on the wall, those are Van Halen and the Majestic symbol for Dream Theater, two bands that I really enjoyed while working on Rattlesnake Renegades first chapter. It was fair to put them into the story as well…

Last but not least we can feel the presence of one of the main characters of the book: Fabienne. She is in the left side of the picture, closing the visual tour around the frame. We had some controversy over the color choices in my art school. I used a “maybe too saturated” reddish color for her, but the more I look at the page, the prouder I feel about that color decision 😀

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this simple but nice drawing (yes, nothing more than a drawing, but those are what the comics are made of)

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  1. Kart says:

    Looks good! Looking forward the release

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