05/24 2017

Main character: Butch

Here we have one of the Rattlesnake Renegades pages. Is a nice one to introduce you to Butch, our lovely main character if that can be said.

We had already analyzed first page in a previous post, now we have something pretty similar. Butch is now alone with a cat (a very special one) and his own shadow.

In the same way as in page 1 I wanted to create an special atmosphere here. The technique now is basically use two big great ‘mass areas’, one of them full of details and the other one almost completely black.

So, in this first sketch the basic elements are placed. It may seem straightforward but it took me 3 attempts to get it done as I wished.

  • Page sketching is the less drawing part, but the most difficult for sure. The hardest artistic decisions are taken here and we have to thing in a solid construction, otherwise, adding details in further phases will not solve the initial concept issues we leave behind.

Once the sketch is done, it is time go trace it on a paper ( I use 200 gr./m watercolor paper) and take some time for pencilling and inking. So now we have a drawing, not  sketch.

  • Drawing and inking is the most time consuming part of the process. Never rush during this phase as probably you will be judged as artist for the result.

After inks are applied I erase all remaining pencil lines and then move on with colors.

Once I tried to apply color in my comics with the computer, I realized that drawing comics was a great excuse to be away from keyword for several hours. So I started playing around with watercolors and the result was awesome from the very first page.

I use watercolors layers in a very soft way so I get the sensation that the drawings come alive.

  • Here, colors are only applied to enhance narrative and story telling. So I choose those colors for the scene’s mood and also to separate background elements from the foreground ones.

In this page we have a classical approach with warm colors applied on the foreground and cooler blues on background to keep it far away from the reader

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