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Rattlesnake Renegades is a comic book published for free on this web site. I am also promoting it through many social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Plunkr, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and some more. Why? The reason is that creating a comic book is a great amount of work for a solo artist and my goal is to let as many people as possible read the comic.

here is a brief descriptions of some of the characters appearing in the story:

  •  Butch, he is (probably) the main character of the Comic. Supposed to be just an old rocker man having little fun in bars and rock music places, he is simply sick of electronics, but things will change…

  •  Fabienne, she just wants to know the man but gets involved in a really weird story that no one will believe…

  •  The Devil: well, this is not a spoiler at all. All this is about that man that comes out from nowhere, but he is not that bad, believe me…

But… who are you? What’s your name? I’m Opinade, the author of the comic. I am from Barcelona, a beautiful city but I’d like to spread the word all around the world. I have Marfan Syndrome ( a rare disease) that affects my heart and eyes, since I was diagnosed I decided to make the best of my life: drawing, letting my imagination run free and sharing with the rest of the world. I hope this comic helps!

…the comic is still in progress right now and the chapters will be available here for reading as soon as they get done:

I’ve always thought that doing comics was an easy and quick task if you use a computer and a cool software! Well… it isn’t at all (even if you have a good computer and the best software available) but things are even harder and slower when it comes traditional to the media. An guess what? Rattlesnake Renegades is fully done with traditional media (except for scanning and wording)! Let’s have a look!

This is the sequence of a Rattlesnake Renegades page: I use pencils for sketching and tracing the sketch in a water color paper. Once penciling is done the ink is applied. It’s just a simple ink layer done with markers (no brushes or nibs at the moment, but maybe in the future!). Once the ink is already dry and the remaining pencil lines are erased it’s time for the color… I apply cute water colors on the paper to create a nice ambience and volumes. And that’s it, check it out:

Step 1, sketching with color pencils and markers

Step 2: tracing and inking the drawing with markers

Step 3, coloring with watercolors

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